The Photonics Lab leverages a combination of world-class tools and optical expertise.

Photonics Lab

The Photonics Lab is comprised of two atmospherically controlled rooms with vibration dampening tables, several femtosecond light sources, and a variety of microscopes, spectrometers, optics, and hardware.


Key equipment includes:

    • Three Femotosecond Lasers

    • Zeiss/BioRad Multiphoton and Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope

    • Optical Parametric Oscillator

    • Ultrafast Amplifiers

    • High-Sensitivity Spectrometers

    • Beam Profilers

    • Auto-Correlators

    • Reflective and Refractive Optics

Artificial Diet

IV Lab is developing an artificially manufactured mosquito food to help scientists and health programs raise mosquitoes effectively.

Biology + Chemistry

The Biology and Chemistry Lab combines a pair of active wet laboratories with experienced biologists and chemists.


The Electronics Lab houses a wide selection of specialized equipment and software for prototype fabrication and analysis.

Malaria Diagnostics

IV Lab is developing new malaria diagnostic techniques in support of elimination and eventual eradication of malaria.

Milking and Transportation System

The Milking and Transportation System is a safer, more affordable milking, storage and transportation system for milk collection.

Optical TB Diagnostics

IV Lab is developing novel optical detection methods for automated identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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