How do you keep vaccines cool? (Hint: look to space) By IV Lab

The Arktek, developed by a team at Intellectual Ventures Lab, has been deployed in Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia.

Exploring Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization By Anthony Lozama

In an attempt to improve sputum smear microscopy result readout, we are exploring fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) technology as a strategy to improve upon identification and visualization of TB bacteria.

Improving Sensitivity of Flow-Based Diagnostics By Katie Miller

A team at IV Lab is working to improve the sensitivity of LFA devices platform-wide by improving analyte availability, sample preparation and concentration, flow materials, signaling and signal enhancement, and detection while retaining the cost and ease of use needed in low-resource settings.

Improving Bovine Artificial Insemination Efficacy By Damian Madan

In an effort to improve bovine artificial insemination conception rates in the developing world, IV Lab’s Artificial Insemination project aims to develop technology that protects frozen semen from exposure-induced damage.  

Promoting Consistency in Microscopy for Malaria Research By Katie Miller

Global Good’s Dr. David Bell recently participated in a consortium to help create the Methods Manual: Microscopy for the detection, identification and quantification of malaria parasites on stained thick and thin blood films in research settings.

Photonic Fence: Dosing Experiments By Katie Miller

One of the challenges of the Photonic Fence project has been figuring out how much laser we need to kill mosquitoes. We know in principle that we can combine low-cost sensors, laser technology, and software to identify, track and kill mosquitoes in flight.  However, the choice of which laser we use may have big systems implications, so we wanted to spend extra time zooming in on this question.

Challenges in Artificial Insemination By Katie Miller

One problem area in which we have initiated research is artificial insemination of dairy cattle, a service many farmers seek to increase the productivity of their cows. 

New Partners in the Fight Against Malaria By Katie Miller

GE Ventures and the GE Global Research Center partner with Global Good to develop new malaria diagnostic technology. 

Malaria Diagnostic’s Team Presents at IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference By Katie Miller

Organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology conference focuses on advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. 

Malaria Diagnostics Team Publishes Paper in Lab on a Chip By Katie Miller

The paper – A Paper Microfluidic Cartridge for Automated Staining of Malaria Parasites with an Optically Transparent Microscopy Window – discusses the work behind our microfluidic cartridge for automated staining of malaria parasites.