Global Good is a collaborative effort between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures to address some of humanity’s toughest problems through the power of invention.

Global Good partners with humanitarian organizations, forward-looking governments, and commercial partners that share their vision. Together, they invent, develop, and deploy commercially-viable technologies that improve life in developing countries.

Innovation is weakest for the world’s poorest markets where the potential return on investment doesn’t offset the costly, high-risk R&D needed to tackle life-threatening problems. As a result, the abundance of technology that is invented for the world’s wealthiest markets often isn’t applicable or affordable in developing countries.

Global Good takes a different approach: they invest in intellectual property and R&D specific to the needs of developing countries. They measure success in terms of social impact rather than profit, achieving impact by helping companies create sustainable markets where life-changing inventions are needed most.


From initial problem definition to commercial handoff, IV Lab plays a pivotal role in Global Good’s work. IV Lab’s interdisciplinary team provides the early-stage invention and R&D capabilities needed to translate ideas into viable technology. For Global Good’s commercialization partners, this means substantially-reduced technology risk as they take on an invention that has been refined and tested by highly skilled scientists and engineers.

Milking and Transportation System

The Milking and Transportation System is a safer, more affordable milking, storage and transportation system for milk collection.

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Our passive vaccine storage device keeps vaccines cold for a month or more to extend vaccination services in developing countries.

Photonic Fence

One potential use of the Photonic Fence is to create a virtual fence that detects insects as they cross its plane.

Artificial Diet

IV Lab is developing an artificially manufactured mosquito food to help scientists and health programs raise mosquitoes effectively.

Optical TB Diagnostics

IV Lab is developing novel optical detection methods for automated identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Institute for Disease Modeling

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