Intellectual Ventures Laboratory discovers, invents, and develops advanced technology solutions in a wide variety of fields. We focus on the very beginning stages of invention, validating a concept and refining the technology to demonstrate its potential for commercial or humanitarian use.

We believe in the power of independent thinking and unconventional approaches to problem solving. At the core of our success are broadly interdisciplinary teams, which address pressing technical issues in malaria and tuberculosis diagnostics, vaccine logistics, vector control, agricultural productivity, and more.

Our interdisciplinary teams drive solutions to the complex problems we study, which include everything from early idea exploration to research and development, to product development. Lab staff contribute expertise from a diverse array of fields including: computational modeling, electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, network security, chemistry, microbiology, microscopy, materials science, nanotechnology, physics, thermodynamics, medical devices, and aerospace engineering.


Our 87,000 square feet of workspace includes dedicated photonics, nanotechnology, electronics, environmental testing, metallurgical analysis, physics, chemistry and biology labs, as well as a state-of-the-art instrument shop and mosquito insectary.

Our Work

We discover, invent & develop advanced technology in a wide variety of fields for commercial or humanitarian use.

Artificial Diet

IV Lab is developing an artificially manufactured mosquito food to help scientists and health programs raise mosquitoes effectively.

Malaria Diagnostics

IV Lab is developing new malaria diagnostic techniques in support of elimination and eventual eradication of malaria.

Optical TB Diagnostics

IV Lab is developing novel optical detection methods for automated identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Our passive vaccine storage device keeps vaccines cold for a month or more to extend vaccination services in developing countries.

Milking and Transportation System

The Milking and Transportation System is a safer, more affordable milking, storage and transportation system for milk collection.

Photonic Fence

One potential use of the Photonic Fence is to create a virtual fence that detects insects as they cross its plane.

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